A new service which will support schools and educational settings in addressing a range of challenging and complex areas of need.

  • Dunn Education Associates aims to provide schools and education settings with access to expert advice, guidance and support across a range of issues which directly affect the emotional health of pupils and staff within school settings.
  • Our skilled and experienced team can also provide schools and settings with high quality support and training, for staff and children, across the areas of emotional and mental health, developing personal resilience and confidence and through expert training and awareness raising sessions improve capacity in schools significantly to meet the needs of increasingly complex and vulnerable children.
  • We provide leadership and strategic support to schools in relation to improving school attendance and identifying and implementing strategies to improve attendance and ensure schools fulfil all statutory duties and target resources in the most effective way.
  • We can provide expert support in developing alternative provision options and approaches at both a whole school and individual pupil level and advice to school leaders in identifying and accessing the right support and interventions for vulnerable children and young people in primary, secondary and special education settings.
  • We can provide individual and person centred support to staff through structured professional support and supervision based upon the needs of the individual and their strengths and areas for development, which will enable staff to improve professional practice through the use of reflection and setting of personal and organisational objectives.
  • Improving behaviour management and staff confidence and skills in classroom management; providing practical strategies and awareness of cognitive development and its impact upon capacity to learn.

Values and Principles

  • Providing professional and responsive support to meet need
  • Promoting partnerships, collaboration, improving skills and capacity
  • Quality assured support, delivered by skilled practitioners
  • Focussed on supporting schools and pupils to be the best they can be.
  • Challenging inequality and promoting positive outcomes
  • Re-engaging young people in learning and improving confidence and resilience