We are happy to discuss a flexible model of delivery based upon need and priorities with individual schools, trusts and settings.  We can design, deliver and evaluate individually tailored packages of support which can be selected from the range of services we offer.

Support can be provided via an SLA and such arrangements would ensure packages of support were provided at a discounted rate and enable schools, trusts and settings to plan and coordinate staff CPD, student awareness sessions or bespoke training events, well in advance of delivery.

SLA Packages


5 sessions of between 1.5 to 2 hours in duration, selected from the sessions we can deliver or design based upon school requests. Sessions can be delivered to staff or can be designed for delivery to pupils.

 5 sessions - £1,400 plus VAT
Standard Plus

5 sessions as described above, with an option to also purchase one of the Additional Programmes for Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience we can provide.

 5 sessions + 1 additional programme - £2,200 plus VAT

5 sessions + delivery of a full school attendance audit:
£2,000 + VAT(primary schools)
OR £2,150 + VAT ( secondary schools)

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the delivery of an SLA package to schools over a 1, 2 or 3 year programme of support

Individual Sessions:

Individual sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours duration, selected from the support we have available for staff groups or for delivery to groups of pupils

 £300 plus VAT

Additional programmes focussed on Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience

 £900 plus VAT

Whole School Attendance Audit (2 staff for 1.5 days)

 £650 plus VAT (primary schools)

£800 plus VAT (secondary schools)

Professional Coaching and Development

Headteacher / Senior Leader: 6 sessions over an agreed period, considering issues such as developing resilience, implementing change and goal setting

 £600 plus VAT (sessions are 1.5 hours in length)

Middle Leader / Manager : 3 sessions covering managing change, leading and motivating staff, personal effectiveness and decision making

 £250 plus VAT

Team Development: Half or full day session with small groups, addressing themes including establishing teams, identifying strengths and tackling weaknesses, identifying shared goals and objectives

 £300 (half day) plus VAT

£600 (full day)plus VAT

Structured / Personalised Supervision for identified staff

Individually designed supervision and support addressing target setting, complex case discussion, reflective approaches and problem solving as well as emotional and practical staff support

 2 sessions per half term (negotiable) – 1 to 1.5 hours duration
- £75 +VAT per session
Consultancy support and advice is also available at an agreed daily rate.  Support can include:
  • Strategic support / advice to address identified issues at a whole school / trust level in respect of attendance, behaviour, alternative provision
  • Operational support / advice to staff teams in addressing issues including attendance, pupil engagement, complex case management and developing effective approaches to alternative provision for individual / groups of pupils
  • Quality assurance – audit and assessment of alternative provision packages commissioned or delivered through external partners / organisations.  This will ensure schools are compliant with legislation, students are receiving quality educational opportunities and support, and students achieve improved educational outcomes
 Daily rate of £400 + VAT (costs can be negotiated based upon number of days required / length of support delivered)