Responding to OFSTED

The support we can offer will ensure schools meet all their statutory requirements in the areas described and will also help ensure schools are Ofsted ready and can provide evidence of intervention and impact upon outcomes in the areas of:

Personal Development; Behaviour and Welfare

164 – attendance and punctuality
167 – the experience of pupils for whom referrals have been made to the Local Authority eg those with mental health needs
168 – if a school runs (on its own or in partnership with other schools) an off-site unit for pupils whose behaviour is poor or with low attendance

Grade Descriptors … Moving to outstanding

Our support can be particularly effective in ensuring…

  • Pupils are confident, self-assured learners
  • Pupils show respect for others ideas and views
  • Pupils understand how education equips them with behaviours and attitudes necessary for success
  • Pupils value their education and rarely miss a day at school
  • Pupils impeccable conduct reflects the schools effective strategies to promote high standards of behaviour
  • Pupils work hard with the school to prevent all forms of bullying
  • The schools open culture actively promotes all aspects of pupils welfare
  • Pupils can make informed choices about their emotional and mental wellbeing