I have worked with Mick Dunn in many different ways during the last 13 years, while I have been a head teacher. During this time I have come to rely on his professionalism, integrity and value driven approach. We served together on the board of the Behaviour and Attendance Partnership, where we looked at citywide approaches, and at all times Mick was innovative and knowledgeable, bringing practical, workable advice to the table. While he was head of the Behaviour and Attendance service for Newcastle, I worked closely with Mick, helping to support complex youngsters at their most vulnerable. He excels at this kind of work on an individual case by case level, as well as providing clear strategic direction. The work Mick has done with the Targeted Mental Health in Schools programme has ensured that every school in the city has access to the specialist support they need. In my own school Mick provides 1:1 supervision for my Family Support Coordinator, ensuring she has independent support and access to training for the future. I will be continuing to work with Mick for many years yet, I hope!

Judy Cowgill
Head teacher
Hawthorn Primary School
Newcastle upon Tyne.